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Vastu for Homes. - New Constructions, Existing houses, Apartments, Rented houses.


The Science of Vastu helps convert the cosmic energies into material benefits for the residents of the Vastu-based office. It creates a rhythm and balance in the building to ensure a qualitatively better life for the inmates.

Vastu Shastra can be adapted to

    1. New constructions

    2. Existing Offices

    3. Factories

    4. Corporate Buildings


Benefits of Vastu for Businesses

The balancing for the Pancha Mahabootas or five elements of nature done by the proper placement of furniture, water bodies, electrical and electronic gadgets, locating doors etc., with the aid of Vastu Shastra, helps in the flow of cosmic energies in a regulated manner. This leads to happiness of the people.

  • Enhances artistic value of the constructions
  • Contributes to health, happiness & Prosperity
  • Maximizes compatibility/harmony among employees of the building
  • Delivers a highly functional and optimized spaces
  • Efficiently harnesses known physical energies like solar, thermal, magnetic, electrical and other known & unknown cosmic energies
  • Blends the natural surroundings to the constructions
  • Protects from natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, etc

"Guruji, I was in a very bad situation before I met you. My company had not received any orders, and there was huge inventory pile up. I made the changes that you suggested. Things have changed 180 degrees. My company is now profitable and we recently got our first international order"

- A Manufacturing Company

"Sir, at first I did not believe in Vastu. When I met you, I could feel the strong positive vibrations and immediately decided to consult you. After 3 years, I am proud to say that my company has grown like a banyan tree and we have opened branches in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Thank you very much Sir. I am indebted to you"

- A Textile Company

"Sir, Our financial wing has opened 6 new branches this year and the entire credit should go to you."

- An Investment firm


[new] Vastu tips for Small and Medium sized Businesses

I give below a few tips to manage your business especially small and medium sized business - the occult sciences way, viz., Vastu, Mantra Sastra, Jyotisha, Yantras and Ratnas or Gemstones.

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Mars - Saturn Conjunction and Remedies.

Mars, a natural malefic planet, transits the sign Leo on the 20th of June, 2008. Saturn, another malefic planet has already transited into Leo. Vastu identifies the south direction to Mars and the west direction to Saturn.

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18 Commandments of Vastu Shastra

Here are a few simple principles that can be easily adapted for promoting peace and prosperity in one’s habilitation: 1. Balance the primary elements viz., Space, Water, Earth, Fire and Wind, of an area with the assistance of a Vastu Guru 2. Always...

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Importance of Orientation in Vastu

Never let your building or plot face the angular directions. The north indicated by the compass is 11 degrees away from the geographical or true north. This is because the earth’s magnetic centre is generally inclined at about 11 degrees from its axis of its rotation. Hence when the compass orientation indicates a tilt of...

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Vastu - General Guidelines

Which direction should be main door face? Where should the master bedroom be? Which color is good for me? Should be staircase be clockwise or anticlockwise? Today, people are becoming aware of the importance of Vastu Sastra and its enormous contribution to current lifestyle...

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