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Horoscope Casting

Horoscope Casting

The words, horoscope, horologue (clock) and hour are derived from the Sanskrit Root and signify the influence of time on men and objects.

Hora in Sanskrit is compounded of two letters Ha and Ra, the former implying the earthly attractions and the latter indicating the solar influences. Thus Hora means and includes all terrestrial and planetary influences and the results which one can predict from their work in any given direction.

Through the horoscope, one can easily read the existing good and evil influences and we can also adopt remedial measures recommended in the Shastras, to alleviate the miseries.

Horoscopes can be fixed successfully, provided the astrologer is fully conversant with the science.


In the evaluation of a horoscope, there are two factors to consider. One is the analytical and the other is the synthetic. The vedic astrologer evaluated the strength or vitality of each planet under different asterisms and based on certain point-rating system

Horoscope Casting will include the following:

  1. Planets in Rasi and Navamsa.
  2. Degrees and special influences to understand the planetary potencies.
  3. Vimshottari Dasa system to predict future events.


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