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Vastu tips for Small and Medium sized Businesses

Vastu Shastra is one of the many great sciences that have come to us from the Vedas or the knowledge books of India.  Silpa Shastra, or Vastu Shastra as it is variously called is said to be a Upa Veda or a minor Veda.  Niranjan Babu Vastu and Astrology Consultation and SolutionsAlso known as Sthapatya Veda or Sthapatya Shastra, it is the applied knowledge of the Atharva Veda just as Ayurveda is attached to Rigveda, Dhanurveda to Yajurveda and Gandharvaveda to Samaveda.

I give below a few tips to manage your business especially small and medium sized business - the occult sciences way, viz., Vastu, Mantra Sastra, Jyotisha, Yantras and Ratnas or Gemstones.

The interiors of each business relevant to its working needs and style can be made Vastu appropriate and Vastu compliant with innovative planning of work space in terms of usage, flexibility and business values. Many in-house requirements of the company can be planned to obey the rules of Vastu (without compromising on the standards and ethics of the business) and contribute to the company’s growth and prosperity. Colors, lighting, ventilation, cabin doorways, cabin size, elevations within the cabin, furniture placement and orientation/location in addition to the primary elements water (fountains, aquariums, pools, etc.), fire (transformers, generators, inverters, power houses, air-conditioners, etc.), space (utilization), wind (exhaust and ceiling fans, elevators and lifts, etc) and earth (elevations, depressions, water, etc.) can all add to the affluence or otherwise of the business.

Imbalance of the primary elements will cause varied business problems.  For instance account frauds leading to business loss is traced to the imbalance of the primary element Agni or fire.

For a business to be successful, primarily four areas have to be addressed — Strength, Finances, Debt Trap and Health.  Several tips in respect of these four areas are given here.

Strength for the MasterStrength for the Master

The Chairman and the directors or CEOs  occupy the Vastu appropriate areas - South, West and Southwest and their subordinates the northwest or southeast areas.

  • The direction to face receives prime importance.  This is based on astrological signs.
    • Wrong orientations will set blocks to your thinking process and hamper proper business decisions.
  • Doors and the passages are an important consideration.
    • When these are Improperly placed finances tend to get stifled and suffocated.
  • Furniture and fixtures, electrical and electronic gadgets and treasure rooms have all to be based on their relevance with the primary elements. 
  • Colors, paintings and portraits can also be used to accelerate your right thinking processes that enable you to interact with the subordinates to the betterment of the business.

Finance and Accountants VastuFinances

The Finance head, the Chief Accountant and his staff have to be in the north and east sectors.  Financial records, cash and other assets have to be either in the central north or southwest of the cabin.  Staff dealing with cash and bank transactions face north and east directions.

Debt Trap

A few of you may have got caught in the debt trap and trying to come out of it.  For some  of you the debt trap can even result in  inability to  pay bills, debts, and even mortgage repayments. This invariably happens when the north is totally blocked and the Kubera energy stops flowing.  Activate the flow with  running water and air.  Certain yantras like the Sri Yantra placed in the Vastu appropriate places will also help. Ofcourse your mental faculties have to be regulated to avoid taking unnecessary loans, the repayment of which is impossible.  This apart stop or minimize using your credit cards! Recital of the navagraha mantras, particularly of Jupiter mantra will help you to take the right financial decisions and possibly pull you out of the debt trap.

Jupiter Mantra

Devanam ća rishiňam ća gurun kañchana-sannibhham |
buddhi-bhutam tri-lokesham tam namami brihaspatim ||


The five primary elements of nature are allotted certain placements. Water is given the northeast. fire is given the southeast, Air is given the northwest. Ether or space is given the southwest while Earth is given the Brahmasthana or the central place. When there is an imbalance of these primary elements, it creates a malady.

The tridoshas are 1) vata or vayu (air principle), 2) pitta or mayu (fire principle) and 3) kapha or valasa (water principle). Vata is created from ether and air, pitta from fire (primarily) and water and kapha from water and earth. The constitution of a person decides the disease he or she is prone to. For instance a vata person can be prone to chronic constipation, back pain (normally lower back), paralysis, arthritis, etc. A Pitta individual can be prone to rashes, itches and be susceptible to liver disorders. A Kapha individual can be prone to congestion of lungs, obesity, bronchitis, sinusitis and cold related ailments.

The tridoshas build and nurture the body and carry out the biological functions of an individual. The augmentation or decline of one or more of these doshas upsets the biological functions and disease sets in.

Diabetes, which is an ailment that is present in many people, is an imbalance of perspiration and urine. This can be traced to Pitta disturbance and we can infer that there is an imbalance in the southeast and northeast sectors of the building (involving the primary element  fire and water) and these are specific areas to be looked into. Gemstones can also keep the ailment under control. White sapphire or coral can provide relief.

High blood pressure is another malady that many people suffer from.  Today’s business man is always aiming for the highest targets of achievement and consequently his blood pressure also gallops.  Also known as hypertension, it may sometime lead to cardiac arrests and paralysis. This is due to a Vata disorder and we can infer that there is an imbalance in the southwest and northwest sectors of the building (involving the primary element space and wind) where the patient dwells or spends most of his time.  Meditation in Sukhasana, Sukhapurvak Pranayama also known as Anuloma Viloma, which involves regulation of breath by inhaling, retention and exhaling and some simple Yoga asanas like Bhujangasana and Padahastasana can stabilize blood pressure. Blue sapphire (Neelam) is the gemstone recommended.

Mantra Sastra which includes recitation and hearing of powerful mantras, recital of certain cantos of Ramayana and certain prescribed homas also contribute to optimizing the results of the finances of the business and minimizing the stresses and strains of the debt traps that your business is likely to have.

Appropriate Gemstones when worn on the appropriate fingers can also contribute to better stability of the business.  Zodiacal gems can be used for relief from health ailments too.

Vastu principles make use of Mantra Sastra, Jyotisha, Yantras and Ratnas or gemstones .  When properly adapted to the modern changed conditions of business living, occult remedies can indeed contribute strength to your inherent business acumen and help you climb the business ladder with ease.

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