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Muhurtha or Auspicious Time

Muhurtha or Auspicious Time

Muhurtha is that precious moment when the vibrations radiated by man are altered to a specific wavelength capable of entering resonance with the radiations of the same vibratory rate coming from other planets and stars.

Muhurtha gives valuable directions by following which the person will be enabled to remove, neutralise or counteract or overcome the evils indicated by the horoscopic chart. Muhurtha is prescriptive as well as preventive. A very important place is assigned in Hindu Astrology to the part played by the Moon in the fixing of propitious times.

Muhurthas can be fixed successfully, provided the astrologer is fully conversant with the science. The right time can be fixed not merely through knowledge and experience but also to what is called intuition.


There is perhaps no human activity in the modern times that does not seek the aid of Muhutha.

Muhurthas for the following events:

  1. Marriage.
  2. Children's Education.
  3. House Building.
  4. Starting a new Business Venture or Signing agreements.
  5. Medical Muhurthas or auspicious times for surgeries and starting medication.
  6. Business Trips.
  7. Buying or Selling goods, commodities or stocks.
  8. Building Towns and Cities.
  9. Swearing-in Ceremonies.
  10. Foundation Stones.


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