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Mars - Saturn Conjunction and Remedies.

Mars, a natural malefic planet, transits the sign Leo on the 20th of June, 2008. Saturn, another malefic planet has already transited into Leo. Niranjan Babu Vastu and Astrology Consultation and SolutionsBoth the planets are first rate malefics capable of causing sorrow and pain. Vastu identifies the south direction to Mars and the west direction to Saturn. Mars and Saturn getting together in the same house and in conjunction in July agitate the south, west and southwest energies and can cause much concern to the strength and stability of certain astrological signs.

This conjunction which is universally applicable with malefic and benefic results in varying levels of intensity. Mars, being a fiery planet, the primary element Fire related to the direction southeast comes into importance. Saturn relates to the primary element Air and brings into importance the direction northwest. Both these are powerful energies that can cause enough distress to the inimical birth signs. Mars is a bundle of energy representing, like the younger generation, aggressiveness, fury, differences, disagreements and confrontation. Saturn, on the other hand, like the elder generation, is identified with suffering, difficulties, impediments and problems. These transits and conjunction in the same sign relevant to each astrological sign should be studied with reference to the prevailing planetary major and sub periods.

Given below are the likely results of the transits and conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Leo for each of the twelve Moon sign (Janma Rasi). As a general advice, important decision making at homes and offices can be kept on hold upto second week of August 2008, based on the results indicated.

Moon Sign/Rasi
Likely Results


Financial imbalances and concern to/from children, ill health and disharmony.

Allow air to flow uniformly by keeping all windows open.



Sorrow, threats to spouse, failures in all undertakings.

Place a painting of a herd of non-violent elephants on the WEST wall of your living room.



Wealth, professional elevation, better health and victory over enemies.

Make liberal use of green color by way of indoor plants, curtains, bed linen, clothes, furnishings, etc. You can set the mobile phone theme and wall paper to green color.



Digestive troubles, mental worries,  loss of reputation and wealth.

Visit Lord Shiva’s Temple on all Saturdays for the next eight weeks.


Leo/ Simha

Blood related ailments, humiliation, loss of wealth and miseries.

Expose yourself to the healing energies of the morning Sun by way of walks outside your home. Wear a herbal bead around your neck.


Virgo/ Kanya

Ill-health, sorrow, losses, change of residence and differences with spouse.

Sleep with your head to the SOUTH and drink two glasses of water in morning, stored in a copper vessel overnight.



Share market gains, comforts and professional success.

Activate water in the north of your living room in the form of a fountain or aquarium.


Scorpio/ Vrschika

Loss of wealth and fame, much difficulties.

Disturbed minds can sleep  with their heads to the east and  develop sane thinking.


Sagittarius/ Dhanus

Calculative, humiliation, ill health to self and/or father.

Recite Aditya Hrdayam or prayer to Sun God at sunrise, facing east.


Capricorn/ Makara

Difficulties, misunderstandings, separation from family members and fears.

Spend your home hours in a north and east rooms and face north (or east if you are a female) while discussing family matters.


Aquarius/ Kumbha

Travel, antagonism with seniors,  digestive problems and  anxiety.

Strengthen west side with heavy furniture and use lot of orange in the dining area. Don’t skip your meals.


Pisces/ Meena

Financial and professional betterment, good health and relief from legal issues.

Have a painting of a peacock with wide open wings on the east wall of your living room.


The above table indicates unfavorable results for most of the signs except Gemini, Libra and Pisces. Though malefic, Mars-Saturn conjunction tends to activate the mind, promote action and make you understand the realities of life. The above Vastu and related guidelines can minimize the afflictions to an extent.


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