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Handbook of Vastu

Foreword by Dr. B. V. Raman

It is with pleasure that I am writing the following words by way of a foreword to my son B. Niranjan Baby's work Handbook of Vastu.

Handbook of VastuIn Sanskrit Vastu ordinarily means a dwelling house. It also denotes the lot of land over which a dwelling house is built. Silpa Sastras and astrological woks deal with this subject exhaustively.

Niranjan Baby has made a careful study of most of the extant classical literature and appears to have a firm grip on the subject.

It is necessary that houses, factories, hotels, etc. be constructed according to Vastu so that destructive vibrations emanating from Nature due to the materials used are screened off.

The book takes the reader in a graduated form through the essentials of Vastu and its practical application. Several diagrams are given to enable one to put to practical use, the principles of Vastu.

The author has already made his mark in the field of Vastu and bids to hold his own in the future. I am lad to say that this work has been done with considerable skill and ability.

Today, the market is being flooded with several books on the Subject; but the present one fulfils a long-felt want for its clarity and style of presentation. I bid my son God - speed in his efforts to propagate and promote Vastu for the good of all those who are interested in it.

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