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Vastu Commandments for 2009

The year 2008 has been bad.  Inflation has risen, stock market has collapsed, financial institutions, many of them of long standing have gone bust.   This recession has hit the global market with real estate prices touching a new low never seen before.  Businesses, particularly the IT industries, have either deferred promotions of employees or laid them off. 

2009 sees transit Jupiter moving into Capricorn and getting debilitated.  Crime and recession not only continue but also the physical (and mental) health of the nation and its people will suffer.

Let us understand important Vastu guidelines that can contribute to protecting us, make us healthier and enable us to live in harmony with others.  These guidelines can remove the imbalances of the primary elements and strengthen our finances too.

The year 2009 is ruled by the primary element Prithvi or Earth.  This is the central sector of the Peeta Mandala and is associated with the navel of the Vastu Purusha.  Imbalance of this element contributes to disharmony,  sudden losses,  failure in foreign assignments,  breaks in education, discord with elders and  higher ups, etc.

The primary direction of the year is North ruled by Kubera, the lord of wealth.  Imbalance in this direction can cause wisdom and intelligence to take a back set.  The imbalance can also see account frauds, contribute to improper and irrelevant talk , procrastinate and cancel almost certain journeys abroad,  see failures in higher studies,  make complexions go bad with pimples and freckles, bring in legal problems, etc.

The primary color of the year is Green.


The Seven Commandments:

For the Seniors

  1. Occupy the northeast of your home or your room.
  2. Sleep with your head to the South.  Turn right as you get up.
  3. Use “Cypress Green” colored bed linen to have a good night’s sleep.
  4. Drink tulsi water stored in a copper vessel the overnight.
  5. Perform yoga on green mattress in the center of your room.
  6. Walk, every day, to the north, for half an hour.
  7. Meditate between the eyebrows in a room lit with subdued Green light.

For the Working Professionals

  1. Occupy the south, west or southwest of your home or your room.
  2. Have your treasury in the north of your room.
  3. Sleep with your head to the south
  4. Make use of “Paradise Green” for curtains and bed linen.
  5. Work, read and write facing north.
  6. Set your mobile, laptop and PC wall paper and color scheme to Green.
  7. Reduce your stress levels by drinking water stored in a copper vessel placed in the north of your room the overnight.


For the Housewives

  1. Newly married can occupy northwest rooms as a first priority and southeast as a second priority.
  2. Have your dressing mirror in the north of your bedroom more to the east wall.
  3. Sleep with your head to the south and turn right while getting up.
  4. Activate  your respective bed areas with minimal “Bud Green” lighting during the day.
  5. Don’t have your visual media in the bedroom. 
  6. Use green hand towels.
  7. Have your independent study areas, colored green, in the northeast of your home or room.

For the Students

  1. If you are a boy, occupy the southeast , east or south (in that order) of your home or room.
  2. If you are a girl, occupy the northwest, west or north  (in that order) of your home or room.
  3. While studying orient to the east if you are a girl and to the north if you are a boy.
  4. Sleep with your head to the east.
  5. Never have a mirror in your bedroom.
  6. Have your room curtains and table cloths in “Sunny Lime green” color.
  7.  Play light instrumental music of your choice in your study area every night at minimal volume.

Let these seven commandments show all of you the way to better health, more harmony and much happiness in the New Year. 

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