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Vastu - 18 Commandments for Peace and Prosperity

Vastu shastra dates back to the Vedas or the eternal books of knowledge. It is referred to as an Upaveda of Atharvaveda. Vastu crosses the frontiers of material science when it speaks of the concept of Vastu Purusha Mandala. The science personifies space and its importance as Vastu Purusha. The ancient masters’ concept of channelizing space energies into an area called Mandala to give humanity peace and prosperity was later handed over to modern world by Einstein as E=mc 2 (Energy and matter are inter-convertible).

Gross energy was identified as Vastu (shoola) and subtle energy as Vaastu (Sookshma) very clearly highlights the importance of both physical and metaphysical aspects of construction.

A high degree of precision is used in measurements, the smallest unit being the Paramanu or the atom. The Angula and the Hasta are the standard units of measurements for buildings and Idols. Ayadi Shadvarga or Six-Force formulae should be used to orient the building properly and arrive at the correct dimensions. The compatibility of the nakshatra of the building to the nakshatra of the owner or resident of the property is of prime importance. Muhurtha at four stages of construction play an important part in giving the residents of a building peace and prosperity.

Here are a few simple principles that can be easily adapted for promoting peace and prosperity in one’s habilitation:

  1. Balance the primary elements viz., Space, Water, Earth, Fire and Wind, of an area with the assistance of a Vastu Guru
  2. Always Orient to the cardinal directions i.e. North, South, West or East
  3. Orientation can also be based on your astrological sign
  4. The site or building should never face the angular directions i.e. North-East, North-West, South-East or South-West.
  5. Have a compound wall on all the four sides
  6. Create a depression all along the boundary wall within the site by creating a green belt or flower path.
  7. Elevate the building to three feet above road level
  8. De-activate the Paisacha zone (of negative energies) by keeping the compound walls away from the main building
  9. Mahadwara or the main door lets in the Pranavayu or the primary energies into terrestrial habitation. The dimensions of the door should be carefully selected for proper flow of these energies into the building.
  10. Keep the centre of your building free of depressions, pillars, columns and water
  11. The centre or the northeast of an area is ideal for a Puja room
  12. Let your daughters occupy the northwest rooms
  13. Elders can sleep to the heads to the south and the youngsters to the east. Turn to the right as you get up from your bed
  14. Patients and sick members of your family can occupy the North-East rooms
  15. Masters of the house can occupy the south and southwest rooms
  16. Avoid the lunar months of Jyesta, Ashada, Bhadrapada, Ashwiyuja, Margasira, Pushya and Phalguna while laying the foundation of a building or a layout
  17. Lay your bore or dig a well when the constellations Revathi, Uttarabhadra, Hasta, Anuradha, Makha, Sravana, Rohini and Pushyami are rising
  18. Activate finances by a proper placement of the primary element Udaka or Water

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