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Justice Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta and Dharmadikari, Dr. Veerendra Heggade releasing Vastu Shastra Books in Kannada by Niranjan Babu.

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ISKCON California says this about Niranjan Babu:

"...Mr. Niranjan Babu is very concise and focuses on the preservation of Srila Prabhupada's legacy and purity... He also offered significant insight ixnto the establishment of proper vastu in our treasury, temple offices and ashrama facilities..."

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ISKCON New Jersey says this about Niranjan Babu:

"...Under Niranjan Babu's guidance... Everyone felt a transformation taking place at the property. His personal sacrifice to help Srila Prabhupada's projects, attention to details, expertise in vastu, vaisnava etiquitte, and deep knowledge of vedic astrology were a source of insipiration for all of us and it touched the heart of everyone coming in contact with him and his wife..."

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Niranjan Babu Bangalore is a scholar in Vastu, Astrology, Mantra Shastra, Gemstone and Meditation.

New article - Vastu for Pregnancy [Download PDF]

Apart from taking the modern medical guidelines into consideration, simple Vastu remedies given below will help the mother-to-be bear a healthy child.

Vastu Purusha - Vastu Shastra


Niranjan Babu Bangalore is a scholar in Vastu, Astrology, Mantra Shastra, Gemstone and Meditation.

He has authored several best seller books in English and several regional languages of India. He is an advisor for well-known temples, complexes and institutions. He has lectured, conducted workshops (and teaching classes) and given professional consultations in India, North America, Europe and other parts of the world.

Many individuals, businesses and institutions have utilized his servicesand have greatly benefitted from his advice. He has been associated with his father and internationally reputed scholar of Vedic Astrology Dr. B. V. Raman’s work since more than thirty five years.

He was the CEO, Publisher and Managing Editor of The Astrological Magazine. He is now the Chief Editor of The Astrological eMagazine.



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Niranjan Babu Bangalore
Editor in Chief,
The Astrological eMagazine
101 C, Sarathy Apts, #48, 13th Cross,
Malleshwaram, Bangalore 560003
Niranjan Babu's Office
Mr. Sunil, Bangalore on Sep 22 . Consultations from the guru himself. Vastu consultancy for homes and offices and astrological consultations provided by Niranjan Babu Bangalore have helped lot of institutions and individuals to over come hurdles like Career growth, Finance, Marriage, Children and Eductaion. A real authority in the field. Rating: 5